How to move a leather sofa or couch

How to move a leather sofa or couch

It is always very nice to be able to sit down on a beautiful, luxurious leather couch or sofa; however, it is important to remember that they are very expensive items of furniture and need to be well taken care of.  If you need to move such an item, you need to take every precaution in order to avoid it being damaged in any way.

It is vital that you have the correct materials and tools at hand in order to properly move such items.  Guidelines for their transportation should be strictly adhered to, with all procedures respected unless you want to risk causing structural damage to such a lovely and costly item of furniture.  There are a number of tips that should be followed to ensure this does not happen.

Everything should be planned out ahead of time, including drawing a route and getting rid of any and all objects that could collide with your couch as you attempt to move it.  You should make certain that the couch or sofa will be able to fit through hallways, stairways and doorways to avoid scratching it against doorways or walls or risk ending up with it being punctured or damaged.

Prior to starting to move the couch you should have it cleaned and give it time to dry; it is a bad idea for items to be wet or dirty before you pack or move them.  You should never attempt to move such a heavy item by yourself.

Jon Huser