How to move a kitchen

How to move a kitchen

One of the most annoying and tedious activities of the entire process of moving to a new home is packing, and the kitchen is one of the toughest rooms to pack.  The kitchen contains numerous fragile and small items, as well as big and important appliances.  All these items need to be carefully dealt with and specific packing materials and techniques applied.  Fortunately there are some helpful tips to assist with the packing up of your kitchen.

Preliminary preparations are of vital importance.  All moves should be prepared for at least a week prior to the actual day of the move and you should create two lists: one detailing the packing supplies that are required and the other detailing the items you intend to take with you to your new home.

You should include items such as pans, cutlery, microwave, chairs, plates, pots, tables, toaster and glasses on the ‘items to be moved’ list; on the packing supplies list you should include boxes of different sizes and shapes, packing tape, markers and wrapping materials.  Your items should be sorted and if you find anything you no longer need or want, now is the time to discard it.  Contact a professional moving company as soon as possible.

Each item should be packed according to the relevant techniques; for instance, if a table can be dismantled into separate and more manageable components then this is a very good idea.  Large items such as tables should be packed first to create more room in the kitchen; use bubble wrap to protect such items.