How to Move a Computer

How to Move a Computer

Most homes have at least one type of computer now-a-days. Computers, especially desktops are fragile and require special consideration during your move. Since most people rely on computers for almost every aspect of their life, Bekins Moving Solutions understands the stress and frustration that can go along with preparing your computer for your relocation. We always take extra precaution with electronics and we always want our customers to understand just the process we go through to ensure their equipment is safe and sound until delivered to your new destination.

Insure Your Computer

The first thing you should do to prepare your computer for a move is to make certain that you have adequate insurance or valuation coverage.  Valuation offered by moving companies is different from insurance and, at its most basic level, based upon weight. This means that a computer that weighs 50lb will only end up netting you $20 if your goods are insured at 40 cents per pound.  This will do little to help you to replace important information and documents or fix your machine in the event of damage. This is ideal for computers, which often increase in price the lighter they are. Ask your moving company about the valuation packages they offer. Many companies offer full coverage valuation. You can also look into getting your computer insured if you don’t like the valuation packages your moving company of choice provides.

Back Up All Data

You should make copies of all of your files before relocation. While movers are as careful as possible, it is possible that some data on your computer could be lost due to circumstances beyond the movers’ control. You can utilize an online backup option, burn a DVD, or purchase a large external hard drive or flash drive. Flash drives range in storage sizes, from gigabytes to terabytes. If you go the flash drive route, be sure you choose a size that will fit all your data. Make sure that you take the flash drives or DVDs with you on the day of the move and store them somewhere safe.

Packing Your Computer

If it is still in your possession, pack your computer in the original box it was delivered in from the manufacturer. If the original box is long gone, contact a specialty box company that can provide you with a box that is the perfect size. Then do the following:

  • Make sure all discs are removed from your computer.
  • Turn off your computer and let it cool off for at least one hour.
  • Establish a base with crushed packing paper.
  • Layer packing peanuts above the packing paper.
  • Wrap your computer tower and monitors with a layer of bubble wrap.
  • Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape to itself, never to the computer.
  • Carefully slide the tower or monitor into the box.
  • Fill the rest of the space in the box with packing peanuts.
  • Secure the box with packing tape and label it appropriately.

It is important to note that you should always pack the monitor and tower separately to avoid permanent damage to the screen.

If you need assistance packing and moving your computer, contact the experts at Bekins Moving Solutions. Call 877-594-1187 to get your free moving estimate.