How to Move a Collection

How to Move a Collection

Your collection is your most prized possession. You’ve spent years – maybe even centuries – building this collection of things you love the most. Having them damaged during a move would be absolutely devastating and it’s a risk you don’t want to take. After all, some things can’t be replaced and this is certainly true for your own personal collection of collectibles.

So, whether you’re moving your vinyl collection to a storage unit or are shipping your artwork overseas, here are the tips to ensuring they arrive safely and more importantly, in one piece.

Be Aware of the Risks

The first step to moving your collection is to be aware of the risks. Different items have different risk factors. Paintings can withstand the cold weather better than electronics but should never come into contact with moisture or humidity. So, become familiar with the things you need to avoid when moving your collection. Doing so will ensure you’re able to choose the best materials to move your collection in.

Opt for Custom Crates

Depending on your collection of items, it might be worth your time and money to invest in some custom wood crates. This unique moving solution can be customized to suit your needs – and the dimension of your items to ensure a safe and secure move. The custom crates are also made with high-quality wood that can withstand shipping both nationally and internationally.
This is a huge tip to never underestimate because the container you use to move your collection is a key factor in the successful transportation of your belongings.

Explore the Different Types of Containers

If a custom crate doesn’t appeal to you, we highly recommend thinking outside of the standard cardboard box. There are various types of cardboard boxes and containers you can take advantage of, many of which come with their own list of benefits. Some containers are better at absorbing bumps and friction, whereas others are better at keeping out harmful elements, such as heat and humidity. So, explore your options and find the best type of container that suits your needs.

Make Use of the Different Types of Packing Materials

With the prior mentioned, it’s also important to explore the different types of packing materials. While the actual process of transportation is incredibly important to the successful move of your collection, the packing is even more so. After all, you can have the best custom crate in the world but if you’re just throwing your belongings in them, they will be subject to all types of bumps, shifts in movement, friction, etc.

So, become familiar with the different types of packing materials available and what each can do to provide your collection with optimal protection throughout the move. While packing paper and bubble wrap are often the most popular options, there are many more, some of which are designed specifically for specialty items.

Hire Professionals

Moving anything is a timely process. It takes a lot of effort, patience, planning and careful execution. Add in the irreplaceable value of your collection, and the demands become more intense. However, it’s absolutely imperative to follow the proper steps needed to move your collection. So, if you aren’t prepared or don’t have the time and ability needed to prepare and move your items, consider hiring professional services.

Professional packers will do all the packing for you and professional movers will do the rest.

Trying to prepare, pack and move your collection on your own can end up costing you move in the end. It’s absolutely imperative to take the extra steps needed to ensure your prized possessions are safe and secure well throughout the duration of your move. So, moving a collection is often something that’s better left to the pros.