How to Move a Chest Freezer

How to Move a Chest Freezer

Heavy appliances like chest freezers are one of the most dreaded items to move. They are heavy, bulky, and surprisingly fragile. One hard bump and some feature on your appliance could cease to work correctly. A chest freezer is no exception to this rule. If you don’t know the proper way to move your chest freezer, you could end up with serious permanent damage to both the appliance and your back. The key for successfully moving a chest freezer is to research, plan ahead and know when you may need assistance. Bekins Moving Solutions has moved many chest freezers for both residential and commercial clients. We are happy to share some tips on how to get your freezer to your new location.

1. Empty Your Freezer

A day or two before your move, empty the contents of your chest freezer. Place all bottles, food, or other items into another freezer temporarily until you arrive at your new destination.

2. Defrost the Freezer

Keep in mind that you need time to defrost the freezer before moving and a location to dump the resulting water. This process can take one or two days if you have a lot of ice buildup in your chest freezer. Simply unplug and open the door to the freezer. The inside will slowly come to room temperature, and you will be able to drain the freezer. Water can add an extraordinary amount of weight if you don’t drain the chest freezer beforehand.

3. Collect Your Supplies

It is crucial that you prepare yourself with the right tools before moving your chest freezer. You will need some moving straps, a moving trolley, and at least two people to move it safely. If you do not have these items on hand, contact a moving company in your area. Most movers will allow you to rent moving supplies for a small fee.

4. Tape the Power Cord

If you have a power cord extending from the freezer, take some clear packing tape to adhere it to the side of the freezer. This will prevent you from tripping and prevent any damage to the power cord itself.

5. Secure the Chest Freezer

Use your moving straps to secure the chest freezer to the moving trolley or dolly carefully before loading it onto the moving truck. The straps should be tight and not be easily moved when your tug on them.

6. Ask for Help

If you feel like you are slightly overwhelmed by the process of moving your chest freezer, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. A professional moving company, like Bekins Moving Solutions, has a whole team of experienced movers who are used to moving heavy items like chest freezers. They will be able to get your chest freezer up and loaded quickly and safely. Never try to lift any heavy object without knowing proper technique and having the right equipment. You risk damaging the item and yourself in the process! Instead, call a local moving company in your area.

If you are moving a chest freezer and would like assistance, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call (877) 594-1187 for your free moving quote.