How to move a bookcase

How to move a bookcase

Heavy and bulky furniture tends to be the most difficult to relocate during the course of moving home.  The good news, however, is that even this can be made easier by making sure that you have a good plan ready for all eventualities.

A bookcase is usually one of the most useful items of furniture that can be found in a property – it is something that is capable of storing not just books but also any collections or souvenirs that allow you to keep your home looking organized and clean.  The downside is that when it becomes time to move a bookcase, many people are uncertain as to how this can be done in a simple and speedy manner without scratching or otherwise damaging it.

The relocation of a bookcase can be either too difficult or even too easy, depending on what its dimensions are and how much it weighs; these factors vary depending on what the bookcase is made from.  The very first step that you unequivocally need to take before trying to move a bookcase is to remove all of the books or other items stored in it, and the shelves too if possible.  Even if you are only moving the bookcase across the room, everything should still be removed in order to prevent any damage being done.

If the bookcase is only being moved a short distance and is not too heavy or bulky, it could just be pushed into its new position, albeit still using furniture sliders or moving blankets to prevent scratches.  Extra equipment may be needed to move a bookcase a long distance.