How to market a home

How to market a home

Marketing a property in the correct manner has become more important than ever before in recent times.  There are vital marketing basics that should be known to every homeowner, especially if they are thinking of selling up and making a move and want to know how to get a sale for their property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the most basic marketing tips to be aware of in the 21st century is internet listing.  Properties should always be listed on local real estate sites and on, as this enables the greatest number of people searching for homes on the internet to be able to see that your property is available.

‘For sale’ signs are a staple of marketing that remain every bit as important today as they are everywhere.  A ‘for sale’ sign placed in front of the property can still be a very effective method of attracting potential purchasers, and the great majority of real estate agents use the sign in conjunction with brochure boxes with flyers containing information about the home in question.  Reaching out to friends and neighbors and making them aware of your impending relocation and property sale can also be effective in a word of mouth approach.

Home improvement can also be helpful.  Making basic home improvements such as gardening, painting or just addressing some routine maintenance issues, including replacing rusty door locks or torn screens, can be the difference between attracting or turning off potential buyers.

Jon Huser