How to manage a moving sale

How to manage a moving sale

With the big move just around the corner, you will be in the middle of researching moving companies, collecting boxes and realizing just how much stuff you really have in your home – so much that a garage sale to cut down on the clutter starts to sound like a really good idea.  Fortunately there are a few tips that can help you to organize a successful moving sale.

It can occasionally be tough to objectively judge the worth of our own possessions when we move.  This dilemma can be solved by inviting some close friends to assist you in the process.  Close friends will know better than to suggest that you get rid of items you absolutely love; however, they will also be aware that you are never going to use that gym equipment that has never been anywhere but under your bed.  Friends will be able to help you to go through your belongings with a more objective eye and at a much quicker pace.

Rather than treating the belongings you would like to get rid of before relocation as a collection of junk, view them instead as undiscovered treasures.  Clean all the items thoroughly and, if at all possible, return them to their original packaging.  Do everything you can to increase their aesthetic appeal and check online to see how similar items are priced.

Organize your items by category or by room, and do some staging if you have enough space to do so.  This will make it much easier for interested buyers to find what they are interested in.