How to make your move easier

How to make your move easier

The average American moves house about once every seven years.  Some people, however, are forced to move much more frequently than this; some people have to move twice a year due to the requirements of their job.  Generally speaking, these people get assistance for their relocation from the company for whom they work, and frequent movers often find the experience executed painlessly and without angst.

So what is the secret? For one thing, it is good advice to avoid going cheap when moving.  Even if you are moving within the same small town, or just further down the same street, you should still hire the services of a professional and reputable moving company do the work for you.

This does not mean that you are not allowed to do some of the work yourself, such as packing the computer, or china and glass, if you are more comfortable doing so.  Prior to beginning a move, you should take an inventory of all of your things, which is something that can be very useful should you need to claim on insurance.  An inventory of this type should include the likes of clear photographs of antiques, tables and chairs, bookcases and living room furniture.

You should start looking for a professional moving company as soon as you know that you are relocating.  This is especially important in the ‘peak’ moving months between May and August, as the longer you wait the lower your chances are of being able to hire the services of the most respected moving companies.

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