How to make sure moving is safe for kids!

How to make sure moving is safe for kids!

Getting ready to move can be challenging; doing it with kids can seem impossible. As you pack five items into a box, your little one is pulling out ten, and every time they enter a space filled with stacked boxes, your heart jumps into your throat for fear of the boxes tumbling down. Add in the vast array of people coming in and out of the house on moving day, and your parent-anxiety is likely at its peak. These helpful tips will help alleviate those nerves while also adding an extra boost of safety and protection for your loved ones and prized possessions.


Assign Less Frequently Used Rooms to Store the Boxes

It doesn’t take much for little ones to trip and fall; add in mountains of boxes and the moving process can be quite dangerous for anyone passing by. Not only does this put your loved ones at the risk of injuries but it also subjects your items to damage. That’s also not to mention that every parent can relate to things being unpacked as quickly as they get packed when you have kids running around the home. So, make sure everyone remains in top condition, including your items and your packing efforts by assigning less frequently used rooms to store your boxes. Keep the door closed, let the kids know that it’s off-limits and have peace of mind as you progress through your packing to-do list.


Keep The Stacks Low

A common safety concern when moving with kids in the house is the risk of items falling down onto the child. Your belongings can be replaced; your child cannot. So, for particularly heavy boxes, keep them on the bottom of piles and consider limited the stacks to two or three boxes to avoid the risk of serious injuries.  While this moving tactic will take up more ground space, it’ll give you the luxury of knowing your children are safe even if they secretly climb onto the boxes when you aren’t looking.


Ship The Kids Off For a Weekend

Finding the time to focus solely on completing the necessary tasks when you have little ones running around is no easy feat.  So, if Grandma and Grandpa live close by, ship the kids off for a weekend getaway with their grandparents. This will allow you to focus all of your time and attention on completing necessary tasks which makes the entire process significantly easier and much more enjoyable. And if Grandma and Grandpa will take the family pet as well, all the better.


Keep The Cleaning Supplies Away

As you begin to pack, your children will suddenly become greatly invested in knowing each and every item you have in your household.  They’ll be curious to analyze things that have been around them since the day they were born – and yes, they will even try to get into the packed boxes when your back is turned. So, you’ll want to refrain from boxing any potentially-dangerous products, such as household cleaning supplies, in the boxes.

These items also happen to be essentials you’ll want to have access to right up until moving day and as soon as you arrive at your humble abode. So, pack them into the last box marked as high priority and put it in a secure location as it’s waiting to be loaded into the moving truck.


Rent a Storage Unit

The easiest way to ensure a safe moving experience for your children and your entire family is to rent a storage unit. Having this extra space will allow you to clear out the boxes from your home as soon as they’re packed. This will instantly decrease the risk of injury and it may even save you a couple of stubbed toes.

Bekins Moving Solutions offers a vast array of shipping options to suit your needs and budget. Speak with a specialist today to explore the storage opportunities that’ll help you maintain a safe home environment for your children during the moving process.