How to make moving painless

How to make moving painless

For anyone who has not been in the military for a long time, the idea of relocation to somewhere new can seem like a fairly intimidating prospect; however, the truth is that making a move in the military is actually pretty predictable in nature.

Once you have received the official orders about your relocation, you will be aware of when you are going to move and where to.  The first thing you need to do is to make contact with your installation’s relocation office in order to receive a briefing.  Such briefings are designed to make sure that you are fully cognizant with all the military regulations and procedures related to the move that you are about to undertake and which items can be moved.

The next place to contact after your briefing will be your transportation office, which will be likely to have a briefing of its own to give you.  This will teach you to be able to make use of the portal, as well as provide information on the weight allowance of the things you are allowed to move to your new location.

The transportation office will then schedule the movers on a certain date – hopefully one that they will have discussed with you in advance, although it is important to remember that while your preferences will be considered, it is not always possible to have any control over when you will be moving.

Rick Wozniak