How to make moving less stessful

Moving can be a difficult process, but there are ways of ensuring that it is relatively painless in the end.  One of the first things that needs to be done to ensure a smooth relocation is to alert your friends and family and any firms that you do business with, including medical insurers, financial institutions and the post office, of your move.

Changing your address is merely the beginning.  When you make many changes, in particular with regard to your personal information, this opens the door for some vulnerability that you might not otherwise have experienced.  This has to be taken seriously when it comes to your mail, as a financial statement might otherwise end up in the clutches of an identity thief.

Keeping tabs on documents, shredding any documents that you are not taking with you on the move and password protecting devices are also very important.  The last item you pack should be a shredder.  Another good tip is to not label boxes with descriptions such as ‘bank statements and credit cards’; if you do label them in this way, ensure that you are the one responsible for their move to your new home.

Another good piece of advice is to schedule your relocation during the off-peak season from September to April if at all possible.  The demand for moving services is much lower in these months, which simultaneously lowers prices.  This can also make it easier to choose which professional moving company to go with.