How to Make Moving Easier

How to Make Moving Easier

If you are preparing for the very first move of your life, chances are you really don’t want to make a simple beginner mistake that could cost you time and money. The relocation process is already hard enough without making any costly mistakes along the way. Some basic dos and don’ts come into play when making the big move. The biggest thing to remember is to always remain aware of the items you need and the tasks that should be completed before the move actually happens. Here are some useful tips that will make the big day infinitely easier to handle for everyone.

Create a Project Plan

To start, you should craft a project plan during the lengthy planning phase of your relocation. Ideally, you should create such a plan at least three months ahead of the big moving day, and it is a great idea to concoct ways to save a bit of extra money in that time frame to help with the costs of relocating. Hiring movers, packing boxes, renting a truck, the gas for the trip – it can all be quite expensive when it begins to add up. This is why a firm plan in place can do wonders for your sanity.

Easy Packing

When it comes to physically packing up your old home or office for the move, you should begin with all the items you almost never use on a regular basis but still want to keep. These items would include anything passed down through the family with sentimental value.

In order to make a bit of extra money while packing, consider putting aside the items you never use and no longer want to keep in your possession. Hosting a garage or yard sale a few weeks before the move will help reduce all of the excess clutter and give you a little pocket cash to spend on the relocation process.

Finding a Moving Company

The biggest step to ensure moving is easier to handle is to hire an efficient moving company. Ask around at work, speak with your friends, or drop a line to some family for recommendations. It pays to perform a bit of your own research along the way, too. Most companies will have testimonials and customer reviews listed on their website, but delve a little deeper and seek out what people have to say on Google or Yelp. These unbiased, honest reviews give some insight into how the moving company operates and treats their customers. The moving company you ultimately choose should be cost-effective and friendly, and most importantly, they should be properly licensed in the state you reside in.

If you would like to discover a moving company that will work for you, call Bekins Moving Solutions today to schedule a moving consultation with our trained, helpful staff of moving professionals. You can reach us at (877) 594-1187. We would love to help make your move easier.