How to Make Money During Your Move

How to Make Money During Your Move

It is no secret that moving costs money. Even though Bekins Moving Solutions provides affordable, quality moving services, any financial relief you can get during your move is beneficial. Did you know that there are ways that you can actually make a profit during your relocation? Our customers have shared the many ways they have come out of a move with more cash than they started out with. Here are some fun, creative, and easy ways to make money during your move.

Selling Old Items

As you go through and pack your belongings, it is helpful to clean out items that you are no longer using. Here are a few ways to make a few bucks from stuff you don’t want to take with you:

Smartphones: You can sell your old smartphone online or even find an exchange program to get instant cash. Services like EcoATM, Gazelle, and Amazon are all great choices for ridding yourself of all your old phones.

Clothing: Do you have brand name or unique clothing that is still in excellent condition? Getting cash for clothes has never been easier. Check out services like ThredUp, Uptown Cheapskate, and Crossroads. They make trading in your clothing for cold, hard cash easy as pie.

Furniture: If you have furniture that you don’t want to take with you, consider listing it on a local neighborhood page on social media, posting on Craigslist, or approaching consignment stores in the area. You can make some of your initial investment back and use it to purchase new pieces of furniture for your new home!

Books: Books are notoriously difficult to move. They are heavy, and most people never re-read their old books either, making it often pointless to take the time and effort to move. Amazon will buy back your old books. You can post them yourself on eBay or if they are old or rare books, consider local book re-sellers.

Children’s Items: If you have kids, you know that they outgrow toys extremely fast, especially in the first few years. It may not be worth taking them along on your move. There are many ways to unload old toys and clothes. Local consignment stores, online listings, and special exchange stores like Once Upon a Child can help you recoup some of your initial investment.

Tax Benefits for Donations

If you can’t sell your old items, you can still make money back in some capacity. Keep track of the fair market value of items and then donate them to a local charity. You can get a tax deduction for donating your old items. Don’t forget, you can also deduct moving expenses from your taxes to save you even more! Ask your accountant for details!

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