How to make an office move run smoothly

How to make an office move run smoothly

Moving an office can be a scary prospect, especially in view of all the horror stories that go around about the havoc that can be wreaked on IT infrastructure as a result of relocation.  The good news is there are ways to make sure that your company move will be a smooth one.

Planning ahead is vital for a smooth office move.  Make sure that you begin planning well in advance of the relocation; at the same time, try to keep things simple.  Start planning the move about six months in advance; when the key players are in agreement about the strategy, use a shared project document to assign tasks to specific individuals.  Everyone can be kept on track with weekly reviews and you should be able to alter your plans if necessary; if this is the case, ensure that all those involved are kept abreast of the changes.

Moving your office does not mean that you should put your entire business on hold.  Prior to the relocation you should ensure that you understand the needs of your critical network during the transition.  Test your temporary connection and determine the priority services that need to be moved.

During the relocation you should have enough employees working, with an adequate number in position at predefined locations.  Be sure to check in with them at certain times as the move progresses.  Once the move has been completed you should test your connections to ensure that everything is up and running in the correct manner.