How to make a green move

How to make a green move

It is moving season and Earth Day is about to take place – these are not really occasions most people would connect with each other; however, they can complement each other pretty well if handled correctly, saving you money and cutting down the impact on the environment.

Green moving is a term that is bandied about a lot these days and simply means being conscious of the environment and using relocation methods that do not harm the Earth.  The good news is that there are moving companies and steps you can take yourself to help you to move at no extra cost while incurring the smallest possible carbon footprint.  In some cases green moving can actually end up being less expensive than using the traditional method.

One very good reason to make use of green moving is that trucks using diesel fuel emit harmful toxins into the air that are responsible for most of the outdoor air pollutants that can cause cancer.  Diesel is particularly important as it also contributes to over 2,000 premature deaths and to respiratory problems such as asthma.  More and more green moving companies use trucks that run on biodiesel; this burns much more cleanly, as it comes from natural renewable sources such as vegetable oils.

Making a move also creates waste that ends up in landfills, such as all those boxes that people need so much.  Using 100% recyclable materials, including boxes and bubble wrap, will help to keep your neighborhood both greener and cleaner.