How to Know What Your Salary Should Be in a New Ci …

How to Know What Your Salary Should Be in a New Ci …

Whether you are moving to a new city seeking new job opportunities or to relocate for a current job, one of your primary concerns should be your salary. When you are negotiating employment terms for a new job, you want to be prepared with the right information so you can live comfortably in your new location. Being thorough in your moving research shows that you think ahead, which is an excellent quality in an employee. It also can provide you with the ability to negotiate a salary that works for you in the long-term, leading to more happiness in your job. Here are a few ways to calculate what your salary should be in a new city.

Cost of Living

Before you start diving into research about the city you are moving to, you will want to take a look at the cost of living in your current city. Is it above or below the national average? What are the median rent or mortgage prices in your area? Is your current standard of living something you are comfortable with or is there room for improvement? These are the questions you need to ask yourself even before you look at a new city. Compare and contrast the numbers of core living expenses. Some costs you will want to consider include:

  • General cost of living average
  • Median rent or selling prices
  • Utility bills
  • Food prices
  • Entertainment costs
  • Gas prices

If you have a good idea of what it would take monthly to live in a new city, you can better anticipate your budget and come to an accurate guestimate for your new salary.

Compare Other Professionals

Are you doing the same job but in a different location? The location of your job can increase or decrease your salary, even within the same company. Use online resources to discover what other people are making performing the same work. Web sites such as Glassdoor can provide you with accurate information regarding particular businesses and the salaries they provide. If you need a raise in order to relocate, you can use this information to gauge how much to ask for and what is deemed reasonable at that location.

Personal Moving Costs

You can’t always compare other people’s costs of living in a particular situation with your own. If you really like living in your current city, you may need a bit more money to make moving worth it. Sometimes companies are willing to pay to have you relocate. This includes packing and moving costs in addition to a little extra to sweeten the pot. If you need a bit more money to make a move worth it, ask for it. The worst that could happen is they say no.

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