How to Keep Track of Your Items During Your Move

How to Keep Track of Your Items During Your Move

So you have started planning for your next move. Now the time has come to begin packing, but how do you keep track of where your items are located? After you get everything into boxes, it all starts looking the same. While most people make an effort to jot down with marker the general contents of the box, smaller objects can quickly be lost in the chaos. Bekins Moving Solutions has come to the rescue! Here are a few simple and creative ways to keep track of your items during your move.

Create a Master Key

Instead of generally labeling a box “Kitchen” or “Living Room,” come up with your own unique key. For example, create a numbered importance scale and label boxes accordingly. Some people find that a color coding method works better for them to create a box importance hierarchy. If you opt for creating your own moving code, make sure to keep the key handy so you can refer to it later. It is easy to forget what all the symbols and colors mean after you arrive to your destination.

Take Photos & Label Accordingly

Once your box is packed, take a picture with your smartphone of all the items inside the box. Label the box with the number that corresponds with your photo. Not only is this a helpful way to track your items, but also it acts as documentation for insurance companies. If your items are lost or damaged in transit, you have recent and proper documentation about the item and its condition prior to moving.

Utilize Moving Apps

There are several moving apps on the market that can help you keep track of your items during your move. Some of these apps include:

  • Sortly is one of the most popular moving apps that helps you to organize your items, label boxes, save to Evernote, and it backs up and syncs to all your devices.
  • MoveMatch for Android™ helps you estimate weight of your boxes, create lists, and can help create a guide for your movers to instruct them where to put certain boxes.
  • Let’s Storage is the perfect iPhone app for those who have to place their items in storage between moves. It can help you estimate space that you will need for your boxes and keeps track where your items are located.

Create a Moving Survival Kit

While you will be packing the majority of your items, it is important to keep the belongings you use often in a separate area. Make this survival kit bright and obvious so it won’t accidentally end up packed in a box. Items you will want to include in your survival kit includes:

  • A few rolls of toilet paper
  • Aspirin or other pain medication
  • Any of your prescription medication
  • Trash bags
  • Sharp scissors
  • Phone or device chargers
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Bottled water
  • Flashlight
  • Notepad and pen

You may want to add or eliminate some of these items depending on your situation. The important thing is to have access to things you use every day, even during your move.

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