How to handle an office move

The idea of moving an office often fills people with dread, but the reality is that such a move does not have to cause too many problems for your company.  You just need to consider the process as a whole and make sure that you manage it in the correct manner.

It can sometimes be tempting to think that you will be able to manage the process simply by getting someone to spend an hour or so thinking about how to position desks in the new office after the move.  This would be a very big mistake, as you would be seriously underestimating the overall process.  Making certain that your office relocation is kept on track means spending both time and effort on the issue.

The very first thing that you should do is treat the move as a serious endeavor.  As is the case with any project, someone will have to become project manager.  This person needs to be a great communicator and very organized.  Communication skills are crucial because many people are going to have concerns about the move that need to be addressed.  Employees will be worried about various issues such as the kind of facilities the new office will have, its location, and how the new workplace environment will be laid out.

Suppliers will also need assurances that the relocation will not make things more difficult for them to deliver to your new premises and that they will continue to be paid on time.