How to get to know your new neighborhood

How to get to know your new neighborhood

Making a move to a new home can be disorientating, particularly if you have relocated miles away from your familiar surroundings.  In order to overcome the initial feelings of confusion and alienation you need to throw yourself head first into becoming familiar with your new neighborhood, and there is no better place to begin than with the streets surrounding your new home.

There is no better method for getting to know your new neighborhood following relocation than to put on your walking shoes and hit the sidewalk.  Do not just play it safe; check out all the back and side streets to find such things as beautiful river walks, hole in the wall cafes and stunning architecture.

You can really get a good feel for your new suburb if you do this on one of the first weekends after the move.  Weekends are the time when town halls become book fairs, primary schools become second hand markets and outdoor yoga classes take place in local parks.  Find a local market and buy great food while making new friends and acquiring a great deal of local knowledge in the process.  You might want to try cycling, as you will be able to cover more distance and explore further afield.

If you see neighbors with takeaway containers or plastic coffee cups, do not be afraid to stop and ask them where they acquired them.  Most people will be only too happy to share their knowledge of delis and cafes in their local area.