How to find a reputable moving company

How to find a reputable moving company

There are far too many stories from people who have not had the greatest experience when it comes to moving companies.  These stories may be about movers who did not have the right kind of professional moving equipment, damaged belongings, had a very unprofessional attitude, or even failed to show up!

This is also annoying for genuinely professional movers, for whom a few bad apples often give everyone in the industry a bad name.  Happily, however, you can avoid undergoing such unpleasant experiences by following a few guidelines to make sure that you hire a moving company that will not let you down.

One good tip to think about is precisely where you learned about a particular moving company.  While internet search engines such as Google can make an excellent tool for a lot of things, finding a reputable moving company is not necessarily one of them.  The best way to find a truly reputable moving company is via referrals.  Asking members of your family, friends or your realtor is a much better bet than random online searches.

Even if you have found the company via a referral, it is still a good idea to take the precaution of checking their papers and finding out whether the firm is accredited, fully licensed, and a member of a professional organization.  You should also obtain a minimum of three estimates for your relocation, and these should be given in person if at all possible.

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