How to Easily Move Floor and Table Lamps

How to Easily Move Floor and Table Lamps

It is considered to be a difficult task to pack and move lamps because of how fragile they tend to be.  Fortunately there are a handful of useful and simple tips that can make the moving of your lamps into a much more simple process.

The great majority of people say that preparation is the most important aspect of a move, given that the chances of making a mistake or having an accident tend to be greatly reduced if every little detail has been properly taken care of.

If you want to make sure that the relocation of your possessions can be done simply and without any damage, you need to make certain that all the preparations have been taken care of so that there will be no unpleasant surprises when moving day actually arrives.  When it comes to lamps, they are among the most fragile items in your whole home.  There are floor lamps and table lamps, and all can be in completely different sizes and shapes.  Lamps are beautiful decorative items and also practical possessions, and extra protection is needed for them so they do not become damaged or the shade dirtied in the midst of a move.

If you are intending to move your lamps to a brand new location then there will be two major difficulties that you need to overcome.  One of those difficulties is that the majority of lamps are made of either ceramic or glass, which means that they are very easy to break.  Thorough packing is essential to make certain that they are well protected against the possibility of damage.  On the other hand, however, lamps come with a shade that is equally fragile and just as much in need of additional care.  Lamp shades are notoriously tough to clean, so you will need to protect them from being stained.  If you can come up with a solid plan to avoid accidents and mistakes then the relocation will be much easier than you might think, and there are some simple and useful tips to help you to cope with moving a lamp successfully.

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of all the necessary packing materials according to your lamp’s dimensions.  Get hold of a box that will easily accommodate your lamp, as well as a moving blanket or bubble wrap, moving tape, and a number of newspapers.  Be certain that you have clean hands prior to touching your lamp in order to avoid accidentally staining the shade.  The lamp’s most fragile parts are the shade and the bulb, and you will have to remove them before the move.  Be aware that energy saving bulbs are even more fragile than common bulbs, so require even more attention.  Roll the lamp base in a moving blanket or towel and secure with moving tape before placing it in a box filled with newspapers to avoid shifting during relocation.