How to downsize your home

How to downsize your home

For one reason or another your life has changed and now your home seems far too large and too full of items that no longer have any relevance to you.  The time has come to make a move to a simpler life, also known as downsizing.

Downsizing is an attractive concept but can often be rather easier said than done.  People often have to make tough decisions about precisely what they are going to take into their new life – what they want to take and what they really need to take.  Sometimes making a move to a smaller home might involve having to get rid of old antique furniture to which there is an emotional or sentimental attachment, which can be difficult even if the item no longer fits into your life.

When the relocation is taking place because of the desire to make life simpler, downsizing can be very hard work, both physically and emotionally.  Many people fail to realize just how tough downsizing will be and soon they may find themselves overwhelmed by the experience if they are unprepared for it.  You need to pick out the items that you absolutely cannot bear to live without, the ones that you can immediately get rid of quite happily, and then sort out all those that fall somewhere in-between.

Other considerations that can help you to decide what can stay and what needs to go are practical in nature, such as access at your new home and the size of the rooms there.