How to cut moving costs

How to cut moving costs

There are few things quite as exciting as owning a new piece of real estate; however, getting there may present a problem.  Making a move can be a lot of hard work and very tough on the bank balance.  Moving interstate will cost you over $5,500 on average, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, which makes it important to cut costs when you can safely do so.

One option to save money is to simply move on your own without hiring a professional moving company.  Renting a truck and doing all the work without professional help will certainly save money; however, this may sound overwhelming.  You can still cut the costs of hiring movers by doing some of the moving solo.  A professional moving company generally charges by weight; therefore, if you can pack smaller items such as home decor pieces, dishes and clothes and move them in your own car, leaving the larger items to the experts, this could save you a good deal of cash.

Whether you are hiring a professional moving company for all or part of the task, you should make sure you get quotes from three different companies at minimum.  Make sure you give the moving companies all of the relevant information before they give you a quote, including how far you are moving and any special requirements you might have.

If you are moving for work, you could also save money by deducting some expenses on your taxes.  Reasonable expenses can be deducted for those moving at least 50 miles further away from their home than their old job.