How to correctly move heavy items of furniture

How to correctly move heavy items of furniture

Making a move is never easy.  While it can be very exciting to get a fresh start in a brand new home, it can also become very complicated – particularly when it comes to shifting your heavy possessions, such as furniture.  Moving heavy furniture is always one of the more challenging aspects of moving and it is crucial to be aware of how you should pack and move such objects without risking back pain or other injuries.

The first thing that you should do before any move is to get organized.  Boxes are not likely to be necessary for the great majority of your pieces of furniture, but it is still a good idea to make sure that you have some boxes standing by.

You should also have your furniture cleaned, with every piece checked over to see whether it is possible to disassemble it into smaller pieces.  If this is the case then it is advisable to do so, as this makes the process of relocation a good deal simpler.  You should remember to mark all the pieces so that you will be able to remember which pieces go where.

If you are in possession of a sofa that you are not able to disassemble into smaller pieces, a good piece of advice is to wrap it in bubble wrap.  This offers a good deal of protection and will also prevent damage such as scratches.  When carrying heavy furniture, always slide rather than lift; lifting heavy items is dangerous and can result in back pain.