How to choose the ideal roommate

How to choose the ideal roommate

Many young people look forward to going to college and moving away from home for the first time.  For most of them this also means sharing with a roommate for the first time.  While sometimes a roommate can mean a new best friend, on other occasions the scenario can end up being decidedly less successful.

Nor are college students the only people who need to worry about finding the perfect roommate.  Skyrocketing house prices, the economy and a sluggish jobs market have resulted in more and more adults either making a move back to the parental nest or trying to find a roommate to share with.  This trend is seen as depressing by some, but others are looking on the bright side.

Many adults enjoy simply having other people around, not just to help to share the chores and pay the bills but also for the sake of companionship and having someone to talk to; however, it is vital to choose the right kind of roommate.  Having a bad roommate can make life hell, and statistics rather alarmingly show that tension with roommates is one of the top five reasons why students drop out of college.

Things that you should ask when trying to find a roommate to move in with include whether they prefer it to be quiet so that they can study, whether they would object to your friends staying over, whether you have any common interests, and what their sleeping habits are.