How to Be Environmentally Friendly When You Move

How to Be Environmentally Friendly When You Move

Traditionally, moving companies don’t have the reputation of being environmentally friendly. That is, until now! As a leader in the moving industry, Bekins Moving Solutions has taken extensive steps to ensure that we implement green policies everywhere we can to protect our planet. We are dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients create a sustainable, efficient, and effective moving strategy. Here are a few ways in which you can create a move that is not only easy on your wallet but easy on the environment as well.

Don’t Move What You Don’t Need

Moving is an excellent opportunity for people to dispose of possessions that are now old and no longer needed or wanted. There are many ways in which you can rid yourself of these now unnecessary items. This doesn’t mean just throwing them out! Instead, do the following:

  • Have a yard sale
  • Post your items for sale on an online marketplace
  • Donate your unwanted items to local charities

As you pack, start asking yourself “Have I used this within the last year?” If the answer is “no” then you should sell or donate the item. Why spend money, gas, and energy on moving items that you no longer even use? That just isn’t efficient.

Reuse and Recycle

When you are moving, you need to acquire large amounts of packing supplies and boxes. If you are short on money, contact local retail stores and ask if they have boxes they would be able to donate to your move. Often, people who have just finished moving will place ads on online classifieds to get rid of old boxes. Reusing containers cuts down on the amount of boxes that are needed for the process of making a move and cuts down on the level of environmental waste. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the planet!

Use Local Movers

When you are choosing a mover, try to use a company that is close to your home. The shorter the distance the movers have to drive to your home, the fewer carbon emissions are released into the environment. While this sounds like nitpicking, the small changes we make can make a big impact on our environment. Don’t forget to ask your movers about the energy-efficiency of their moving trucks!

Go Paperless

The type of communications that you make use of can also help to make a move more environmentally friendly. Let the moving service know that you rather receive all paperwork electronically. Not only is this more cost-effective for the moving company, but it can also save countless trees every year!

For more information about making your move more environmentally friendly, contact the moving experts at Bekins Moving Solutions. For a free moving estimate, call (877) 594-1187 today!