How to avoid moving scams

Over 11,100 moving complaints were filed by consumers with the Better Business Bureau in 2012, with moving companies ranking near the top of the national list when it comes to complaint categories.  It is particularly important to take precautions when selecting a moving company when your relocation is taking place at the industry’s busiest time of the year.

Making a move is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time, although there are methods of ensuring that the transition can be achieved as smoothly as possible.  When you are looking for a moving company you should not rely on television or internet advertisements; it is far better to ask for recommendations from friends and family members, as well as checking the complaint history of a company.  The American Moving & Storage Association ProMover Program is designed to help consumers identify professional and reliable moving companies. 

One of the biggest mistakes made by consumers is using the internet and not dealing with a moving company in the real world.  As well as checking out the licensing and complaint history of a firm, it can be instructive to pay a visit to the office of the company in order to observe its level of professionalism.

You should get a minimum of three estimates from moving companies that will send someone to your home.  You should avoid any online moving company that expects you to fill out a DIY inventory list or is charging incredibly low prices.  Without sending someone to your home or storage facility, there is no way to provide an accurate quote.