How to avoid moving fraud

How to avoid moving fraud

It is no fun to move home and then end up fighting with a moving company over damaged items and quotes.  Making a move to somewhere new can be a stressful enough experience at the best of times; the last thing anyone wants or needs is to find themselves in a difficult situation with a disreputable moving company.

Numerous complaints are received every year by consumer organizations such as the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) from people who are in dispute with rogue moving companies over damaged, delayed and missing property; in some instances their entire possessions may be being held hostage until they pay fees that are much higher than the quote they were given for the relocation to begin with. The AMSA ProMover Program was developed to rid the industry of such rogues.

Before you agree to use a moving company and sign any contracts, you should keep a lookout for tell-tale signals that all may not be as it appears.  For one thing, any price that appears to be too good to be true almost certainly will be.  No reputable moving company would ask for payment in full or a large deposit before the relocation takes place, or without an inspection taking place on site, while advertisements for the moving company that do not prominently display its street address or important information such as professional affiliations, bonding and insurance should be regarded suspiciously.

You should only deal with professional moving companies that have a proven track record and good reputation, and make sure that you get written estimates from several firms.