How to avoid common PCS mistakes

Moving in the military due to a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is a veritable minefield of possible pitfalls.  To make sure that you do not end up as one of those people who look back and groan “Why did we do that?” or “If only I’d realized….”, follow these tips. Life in the military is all about living and learning; however, there are plenty of common mistakes made around a Permanent Change of Station that are easily avoided so long as you are aware of them beforehand. 

One of the common mistakes is deciding to undertake a DITY move at just the wrong time.  Sometimes a DITY move can be a very smart idea, but if you or your partner is pregnant or ill, for example, it is probably not the time to add extra stress into the equation. Another common mistake is putting a bit too much faith in the orders that have been given.  When the military declares that you are moving and the orders for relocation are finally issued, it all very last minute. Another common mistake is deciding to put your current home up for rent, even though your new place of residence is a long way away.  Purchasing a home in the military certainly brings with it a lot of disadvantages as well as advantages, but renting a property out from half way across the country, or even the world, is a pain you could well live without.

Rick Wozniak