How to Adjust to a New Neighborhood

How to Adjust to a New Neighborhood

The difficulty of moving is not just limited to the physical tasks of packing and loading the moving truck. If you have ever relocated to a new neighborhood, you know that it can be emotionally difficult for both children and adults. When everything around you is new and different, it can take the time to adjust. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped many families move into new cities and towns, and we have seen firsthand the difficulties and challenges that arise. As such, we have put together this guide to help provide ideas and tips on how to adjust to a new neighborhood.

Seek Out Opportunities to Meet Like-Minded People

One way to get used to your new neighborhood is to find different groups or classes that interest you. People who attend the group or class are much more likely to share interests, and you are bound to have at least a few things in common. If you meet someone that you click with, you can invite him or her over for dinner to meet your family and plan other activities outside the group. Some great places to meet people are at the gym, a community center, or religious institution.

Meet Other Parents and Kids

When you are a parent, it is difficult to get time alone to meet new people. Check online for parents groups in your neighborhood that meet for play dates or walks. Such groups will allow you and also your kids to make new friends. Building a new social circle is incredibly important when you move to a new neighborhood for both you and your children. Plus, you may be able to trade off babysitting to allow you and your spouse time out for a date night!

Explore Your Neighborhood

An easy and necessary part of adjusting to your new neighborhood is to simply walk around. It is important to see what the neighborhood is like. Where is the nearest playground? Is there a drug store nearby? Is there a shortcut to your  house if you encounter traffic? Getting to know the layout of your neighborhood is not only good from a practical standpoint, but also it is necessary for safety reasons. If you should ever need to leave or get home in a hurry, you would confidently know the best route to take.

Throw a Neighborhood Barbecue

Sometimes you have to be more proactive in meeting your neighbors and get adjusted. Organize a neighborhood barbecue or party and invite everyone to come and bring his or her favorite dish. Don’t forget to include a guest sign in book that asks for their name and phone number. It can be incredibly helpful to have their contact information in case you accidentally get their mail, or have a neighborhood-related question.

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