How office moves affect employees

How office moves affect employees

Whether your company has decided to move offices because of an expansion, downsizing, less expensive real estate or simply to move closer to its customer base, the reason makes no difference to how important it is to make sure that you take your employees into consideration during this time, and that they are kept informed and feeling as though they are part of the relocation.

The great majority of companies will have decided to move their office simply because they have worked out that it is in their best financial interest to do so.  This is something that businesses have to do in order to remain viable, but it does not mean that the needs of company employees are something that should be overlooked or ignored.

Employees need to know where the new office will be situated following the completion of the relocation, as well as the changes this will mean for their daily commute.  Make use of your employee database in order to work out which employees will have to make a longer commute.  For those who make use of public transport systems, check that they will still have access to those facilities in the new location.

Any issues that you find should immediately be brought to the attention of the employees concerned in order for them to be aware of their options.  This could include the company helping out with parking spaces or transit fees.

Gene Salaz