How Fuel Prices Can Affect Your Move

How Fuel Prices Can Affect Your Move

How will rising fuel prices affect your move?There isn’t a person out there that hasn’t been affected by the rise in fuel costs over the last couple of years.  The cost of fuel affects the daily commute, heating your home, and even groceries.  Indirectly, the cost of fuel can even affect the cost of your relocation since it affects many moving companies directly.

Across the board, moving companies are feeling the pinch since fuel costs are incorporated into their daily operations.  Movers must pay for plenty of fuel – traveling back and forth for in-home estimates and the packing up, unloading, and transport of moving trucks are just some examples.  Overall, the moving industry has a pretty small profit margin and higher fuel costs cuts into that profit even more.

Most moving trucks run on diesel which has risen almost 30% since the start of 2008.  Gasoline has increased as well, but only by about 18%.  You may be aware of that, but how does it affect your move?  Plainly put, it means moving will cost more than it did last year.

All reputable moving companies use the government rates to determine their fuel surcharge.  Since the surcharge fluctuates, the higher prices go, the higher the fuel surcharge will be.  It is important to understand that the fuel surcharge is a necessary evil that helps protect against raises in other areas like labor and packing materials.

Because the fuel surcharge is passed along to the consumer, you will also feel the pinch of the rising fuel costs when you move.  However, don’t let that dissuade you from hiring movers if you really need them because in the long run, a good moving company can still save you a lot of time, and money during relocation.

Lance Grooms