How Does Self-Storage with Home Pick-Up Really Wor …

How Does Self-Storage with Home Pick-Up Really Wor …

If you have to store your items before arriving at your new home, what do you do? Do you pack up a moving van and transport all your stuff to a self-storage facility nearby? Do you have the moving company do it? If you are short on time, self-storage with home pick-up may just be the perfect solution for you. Bekins Moving Solutions is the moving and storage expert. Here are some great tips about utilizing self-storage with home pick-up!

What Is Self-Storage with Home Pick-Up?

Self-storage with home pick-up is a relatively new phenomenon in the moving and storage industry. Many moving companies and storage facilities are jumping on this popular storage bandwagon. A “pod” or storage container is dropped off at your property. You fill the storage container with your items yourself. Once your storage container is full, you call the company to retrieve or move the container to your new location. If you aren’t ready to move quite yet, the storage container can be placed in a facility until you need it again. Self-storage containers are an excellent option for those who don’t need full moving or storage services, but still need a bit of storage assistance.

Things to Consider

If you are interested in this storage option, you need to talk to your local moving company or nearby storage facility and discuss the following:

  • Which area you’ll be moving from, where you are moving to, and where you want your things to be stored in the mean time.
  • The size and capacity of the storage container
  • Schedule of pick-up and delivery of your storage container
  • Packing supplies you might need
  • Cost estimation of the time and size of your container

Finding the Right Company

Just as you would while searching for a moving company, do a little research before hiring a storage company. Before you need the storage container, get a contract that states the terms of your usage. Remember that the storage company will be handling the details of your pick-up and home delivery, so you will need to discuss insurance, pricing, and other policies. If you can, choose a company that has local ties, a securely monitored warehouse, and a reputation in the community for quality service.

What are the Pricing Structures?

The majority of companies have a very similar fee structure. Their fees are service-based, not mileage- or weight-based like moving companies. The two basic fee structures include pick-up and delivery of the packed storage containers and length of time the storage of the containers will be used. So if you wish to store your items for a month or two, your price will be lower than someone needing the structure for a year or more. The storage company might have extra fees associated with their services. Make sure to ask about any add-ons that may increase the initial quoted price. They may charge extra for things like:

  • Valuation Coverage
  • Moving blankets, straps, dollies, and boxes
  • Packing labor
  • Packing supplies
  • Custom crating
  • Humidity or temperature-controlled storage
  • Moving insurance

If you are looking for moving assistance for packing your items away, contact the experts at Bekins Moving Solutions. We are fully prepared to help you with every aspect of your move from start to finish. Call 877-594-1187 for a free moving estimate.