How an office move impacts on employees

How an office move impacts on employees

It does not matter why your business or office is relocating.  It might be due to downsizing or upsizing, to cheaper real estate or to be nearer to customers, but whatever the reason it is very important to take your employees into consideration and to make them feel that they are part of the move and kept fully informed about it.

The great majority of companies decide on relocation because they believe it is the best thing to do for the sake of their bottom line; after all, this is what companies have to do in order to ensure their viability.  I do think, however, that the needs of employees should be taken into consideration when making a move.

I recommend letting employees know about the location of the new office well before the actual moving day, and let them know what things may need to be altered in their daily routine as a result of this.  Make use of your employee database in order to assess which of your employees might be faced with a longer commute or, if they use public transportation to get to work, if they will still be able to access the transportation in the new location.

Any issues need to be brought forward to the employee involved so that you will be able to inform them of their options.  If you can offer incentives, such as assistance with parking space or transit fees, I think this is a good idea.  If this is not possible, employees should be given this information ahead of time in case they need to pursue other avenues of employment.

Lance Grooms