Housewife Day – a day to celebrate!

Housewife Day – a day to celebrate!

Housewife Day takes place each year on 3rd November.  Housewife Day is celebrated in order to pay tribute to the importance of those women who choose to stay at home and be a wife and mother.  These caring and wonderful women help to create and nurture a strong family environment and to instill good character and strong family values into their children.

Housewife is, of course, a rather old-fashioned term these days and is a throwback to the days when just the one income was sufficient to support the entire family in a comfortable manner.  On the flipside, it is also an echo of the times when women did not have the equal rights that we have become so accustomed to today; while this time may have long gone, women themselves are often on opposite sides when it comes to their views on staying at home or working.  Indeed, today many women would prefer to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, but may have little choice but to go out to work due to economic necessity.

Housewife Day is a day to celebrate and pay tribute to the women who make the decision to stay home and take care of their house and their family.  If you are a married man, you can help to celebrate Housewife Day by honoring your wife and her decision to stay at home during those childrearing days.

Precisely who created Housewife Day remains a mystery.  It is possible that it was created by a housewife who, in typical housewife fashion, did not take credit for her work.