Packing Your House – Avoiding the Panic

Packing Your House – Avoiding the Panic

Everyone has experienced packing panic at one time or another. Packing panic occurs when it hits you that you only have a few days before your move and haven’t even started packing yet. The fear of not being ready for your move can make you start running through your home and throwing everything into a box without a second thought. While this may get your home packed in time, it can land you in trouble once you arrive at your new place. Bekins Moving Solutions understands that packing takes a considerable amount of time, and you already have a busy life. Here are a few ways that you can avoid packing panic and get everything done on time.

Calm Down and Pack Smart

When you are packing in a panic, you may not protect your items correctly. This can lead to many things ending up broken or even lost. Take a deep breath and think about what you are packing into your boxes. If your items are fragile, take a minute to wrap it properly and place it in a box made for breakable items. Label your boxes correctly so that you can find your most valuable items quickly.

Schedule Packing Zones

To avoid the last minute panic, try to plan your packing in advance. Keep it simple and assign individual zones to your home along with dates. For example, two weeks before your move, pack shoes or clothing that you don’t often wear, one week before your move, pack the kitchen. By assigning specific areas of your home to a particular timeline, you are more likely to get everything done and packed without worry.

Scope Out a Moving Checklist

Go online to find a house moving planner and checklist that you can use for your residential move and stick to it. Bekins Moving Solutions has created a perfect moving checklist that can ensure that you have everything completed come moving day! While it may take longer, you can keep your sanity and have everything ready for your movers when they arrive. Not to mention it will make unpacking at your new home much quicker and easier.

Ask for Help

Sometimes the best thing to do when you are in a packing bind is to reach out and ask for help. If your family and friends are busy, call the team at Bekins Moving Solutions. Our professional packers have years of experience in packing residential homes in record speed and with impeccable accuracy. We know how to protect your items while getting them packed away, loaded, and to your new home all in time for moving day. We even have custom crating services for those items that need a bit more attention. You shouldn’t ever have to feel rushed or panicked when the packing experts are only a call away.

For more information regarding residential packing services, contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 to get your 100% free moving estimate and talk about our packing options.