House hunting in the military

Military families may have a tendency to panic when they first receive new orders.  Moving can be nerve wrecking in an combination of circumstances.  Moving in the military brings with it all manner of questions, such as where they will be living, where the kids will go to school and simply just how to get started on the process.

The easiest way to narrow down your search is to begin gathering information about the areas of your new town that you would like to live in after the move and which neighborhoods seem to be a good fit for the lifestyle of your family.  If you have children then you obviously need to take into consideration the best schools for them to attend.  These are the first two factors that need to be addressed when house hunting.

The military can help you in your search for a new home after relocation and there are a number of military websites designed to do just this. is once such website and allows you to read the opinions of other military members regarding their neighborhoods and other areas of town.  This is the only site on which insider information provided by other military families can be read.

The military also has real estate sites, such as and is free to military families, as it is funded by the Department of Defense, but lists only homes for rent rather than sale. allows military families to list their homes for rent or sale.