How to Host a Housewarming Party After You Move

How to Host a Housewarming Party After You Move

After a long, exhausting move, the last thing you’re thinking about is planning a housewarming party. You have so many other things to think about and tasks to complete, inviting your friends and family over probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. But your phones have been ringing off the hook and your cell hasn’t stopped buzzing with text messages from your loved ones asking when they can come check out your new humble abode. So, a housewarming party is a must. Plus, you could definitely use the break from the boxes. Here’s how to host a housewarming party after you move even when your home isn’t ready to be presented.

Pick a Date, Any Date

Many new homeowners stress over the date on which they’ll host a housewarming – don’t. Your loved ones are eager to see your new home and likely have no concern over how many boxes are unpackaged, how many photos are hung or how you’ve decorated. They’re there to check out the new architecture, layout, and space. So, if you’re taking your sweet time unpacking, don’t stress. Host a housewarming whenever you feel comfortable doing so. The benefit to doing so when there are things that still need to be done is that people will be eager to help!

Unpack the Essentials

There are a couple of things you’ll need for a housewarming party. No, you don’t need to have all of your plates or cutlery, it’s okay if you don’t have seating for everyone, and you don’t need to have TV already on the wall. But you do need to have is your cleaning supplies for after the party, the washrooms ready for people to use, and maybe a few place for people to sleep if they need to spend the night. So don’t worry if you can’t find your fanciest plates just make sure you have the essentials and everyone will have a great time.

Make Some Space

With that said, it’s time to make some space. If your belongings are currently taking over your floor space, you’ll need to move some things to ensure your guests have an area to socialize and well, maneuver without risk of injury. The best case is if you have an empty garage; let this area be used for the social gathering. Otherwise, all you have to do is move your belongings up against the walls of each room, so your guests can get an idea of what your new home looks like. Make sure the hallways and entryways are clear and you’re ready to host.

If the party is being brought indoors, remove the boxes and yet-to-be-put-together furniture from one main living area. Let this be the social area and don’t worry about the other rooms. As long as your guests can safely navigate through the home and look at the different rooms, you’re ready for a housewarming party.

Focus on the Kitchen and the Living Room

Now, if you have enough time to prepare some rooms prior to hosting, focus on the kitchen and the living room. These are the only two rooms you need to host an epic housewarming after you move. If you get started right away, you might even be able to trade in those paper plates for the real deal!

Add in Some Small Accents

Whether you’re hosting a housewarming in the garage or bringing it indoors, the smallest details will make the biggest impacts. Light some scented candles, put some fresh flowers in your vases, lay down a welcome mat and have empty hangers in your front closet. The success is always in the details.  

Lastly, don’t stress about it. A housewarming is supposed to be a fun and exciting time to show off your new humble abode. So, enjoy yourself. Your guests expect to see unpacked boxes, unhung curtains and scattered furniture.