Homemade DIYs to make your move easier

Homemade DIYs to make your move easier

Let’s face it, moving is no easy task. Moving day is fast approaching, and the excitement is starting to get disrupted with stress. Your moving to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, you’re dreading the backache of moving and the frustration of unpacking. Don’t worry; these handy moving day tips will help make the entire moving process easier.

Create a Moving Strategy

The best moving days are always the ones that are organized. Instead of simply writing out the various tasks you wish to complete prior to the move, consider strategizing them for a stress-free move. List the tasks in different categories based on priority, set a date in which they have to be completed, and commit to a schedule that works for you. It might seem like a drag having to pack when you don’t want to, but having to pack an entire household when your move is in a couple of days will be significantly more stressful.

Perfect a Packing Process

If you’re lucky enough to have your friends and family help you move, design a packing process that allows everyone to work efficiently. Have a list of tasks to be completed for each room, equipped with a pen, packing materials and the estimated number of boxes you’ll need to pack up all the belongings.

Bag Your Wardrobe

An amazing DIY hack for moving day is to leave the items hanging in your closets and move them just as they are. Simply tie an elastic band around the hangers, poke a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag, and slip the hanger through so that the bag is covering your belongings.
Another option is to use wardrobe bags to move, which are essentially the same thing, only built to keep your items safe.

Create a Labeling System

Labeling your boxes is one of the most important steps to moving. After all, you need to know which belongings are in which boxes, and where they need to go once the moving truck is unloaded. While some people only write the room and category on the box, we recommend creating a labeling system that allows you to instantly see where all of your belongings are. This can be as simple as assigning specific label colors to different priority levels, or using a number-system to quickly be able to determine what boxes need to go where. Just be sure to have a “master sheet” written up, so you don’t forget what the different labels mean.

Hire Professional Movers

While this isn’t a “DIY” per se, it’s definitely a moving day hack that’ll make the entire process significantly easier. Hiring professional services, such as packers and/or movers, is a moving day solution that instantly takes the tough tasks out of your hands.

The best DIY moving day hacks are to let someone else do the hard work for you. Hire professional packers and movers for a stress-free move.