Home moving packing tips

Home moving packing tips

Everyone has to pack up cardboard boxes at some point, whether it is to move home or to help our children leave for university or just to store some of our unwanted items in the loft or the garage.  That said, it is far too easy to make life unnecessarily hard for ourselves when the reality is that everything we require is easy to get hold of and there are very simple techniques to get the job done.

The most obvious factor is to make sure that we have the boxes that are right for the task at hand.  There are lightweight and heavyweight cardboard boxes, with the former being manufactured with just one layer of corrugation.  These come in many different sizes but are not suited to holding heavy items during a move.  Lightweight cardboard boxes are best used for items such as linen, garments and other light possessions.

Heavyweight cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are manufactured with two layers of corrugation and are by far the best cardboard boxes for making a move, as they are able to perform pretty much any task required of them.  These boxes also come in a wide range of sizes and are suited to carrying books, china and other heavy possessions.

You should never use large boxes to pack heavy items such as books, as this makes them extremely difficult to carry.  Cardboard boxes should all be very well taped on the bottom, including the edges and the middle of the bottom flaps for heavier boxes.