Home Improvement Stores Changing Things Up

Home Improvement Stores Changing Things Up

The times, they are a changing and the home improvement retailers know it.  One of the biggest moves these companies are making is to change to meet the needs of their budget-conscious customers.  Let’s face it; many people are stuck in houses they can’t sell.

Home Depot and Lowes are two of the biggest home improvement stores that are working on revamped customer service plans, which include services such as outdoor equipment repair and a wider variety of affordable products.  These changes have moved into place as companies see their customers hanging onto their cash.

It is commonplace in the home improvement industry for the weather to play a big role in revenue.  Usually, just after early summer, these companies see the biggest revenues.  Of course this makes sense as seasonal purchases often include things such as plants, outdoor furniture, and grills.  However, harsh economic conditions and fewer relocations have put a stop to all this.

So, how do home improvement companies keep the customers coming in?  First of all, since more people are staying put and not moving so much, the stores have started to beef up their offerings in the way of paint, soft-sided tool storage, and other maintenance and repair products.

We think this makes perfect sense.  Less relocation means that more people will be interested in working on their current homes.  Painting, home improvement, repair, and other activities to make the house more livable are cost-efficient ways of maintaining a residence.  Home improvement stores have jumped right on to this particular bandwagon.

Lance Grooms