Historic Charleston Mansion Hits Market

Historic Charleston Mansion Hits Market

Are you a believer?  Have you ever thought of moving to Charleston, South Carolina?  Sure, Charleston is a lovely and charming town, but it isn’t for everyone.  However, once you lay eyes on the Sword Gate House in the heart of the city, you may start packing your bags right away!

The historic mansion, known for its impeccable detailing, majestic architecture and stunning design is, in essence, the heart of The Holy City (another name for Charleston).  There aren’t many mansions these days that have wood detailing quite like you can see in this sprawling estate.  Nor are there a lot of mansions with ballrooms quite like this.  If you want decadence, you will want to move into this mansion.

The Sword Gate House is so much more than a home.  It is actually a part of Charleston’s history.  It was built in 1808 and has been deemed a historic site by the city’s Preservation Society.

Located in the prestigious neighborhood known as South of Broad, the house is surrounded by well-manicured lawns and shrubbery, outdoor patios, and other stately mansions.  The asking price is currently $23 million – if you have that kind of cash and would love to take in the Charleston sunsets with a mint julep in your hand, why not make a move and put in a bid?

The Federal-style house actually has nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a library, drawing room, family room and wine cellar.  But the most interesting room that we haven’t mentioned yet is the gift-wrapping room – yes, those are real!  With 17,142 square feet, the house is perfect for a growing family to move in.

Jon Huser