How To Hire A Good Moving Company

How To Hire A Good Moving Company

There are many factors to ensuring a successful, efficient move; finding the right moving company is certainly one of them. Without a good moving company, you can run into many delays and discrepancies throughout the moving process which can play a huge role in the overall success and experience you have.

Unfortunately, navigating through the long list of potential moving companies, all of which claim to be the best, can be a daunting task. With these helpful steps, you can quickly weed through the variety to find the highest quality moving companies available.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Not all reviews online are an accurate representation of a moving company, as there are many factors that come into play to ensure a successful experience and move. As such, friends and family are a great way to get authentic testimonials. Reach out to anyone you know who has moved recently and ask them about the moving company they chose, and what they liked and didn’t like. You can also post a status on your social media accounts or local groups to help gain more insight as to which moving companies are the best.

Always Opt for an In-Home Estimate

A reputable moving company will always suggest an in-home estimate, as it is the only way to provide an accurate estimate. So, be wary of any companies who won’t come out to your home.
Opting for an in-home estimate also gives you the chance to experience the moving company’s quality and meet some of the employees, prior to signing on the dotted line. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the people providing the estimates likely aren’t the ones who will do the move which leads us to the next tip.

Check the Company’s Requirements for Their Drivers

You want to garner as much information about the professional movers who will be hands-on with your belongings. Rest be assured that all of Bekins Moving Solutions professional movers undergo drug testing and thorough background checks to ensure trustworthy, efficient and successful experiences for all of our customers.

Know Your Rights

“Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” is the U.S. Department of Transportation official rule book. If you are doing an interstate move, the moving company you choose is required by Federal law to provide this to you and should do so willingly. You can also download a copy from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Check Accreditations

Another excellent way to weave through the maze of moving companies is to check the accreditations. Search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website for the company’s MC number to garner an abundance of accurate information about each company you’re interested in. Bekins Moving Solutions MC (Motor Carrier) number is 224537.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the company provides Valuation Coverage and has a Department of Transportation (DOT) approval. For more information, you can also contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hotline for Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints at 888-368-7238 to find out more information about any complaints against the companies you’re considering.

Analyze Availability

When moving, you want to have a company that you are able to get in touch with to answer any questions or concerns you may have. This is even more crucial for long-distance moves, as your belongings will be in the hands of the movers for a long period and you will want to track progress and ensure that you know where your belongings are at all times.
So, make sure the company you choose has optimal availability, preferably with a customer service department.

As a rule of thumb, you always want to consider the legality of a business, the accreditations they have obtained, as well as the way they interact with you whether on the phone or during the in-house estimate. Bekins Moving Solutions will be happy to provide you with everything you need to ensure you feel confident about booking your professional movers with us.