Hints for moving an office

Hints for moving an office

Moving an office is a complex endeavor, not least because it needs to be accomplished while causing as little disruption to a business as possible.  The good news is that there are a few handy hints that can assist with making the process of relocating an office go considerably more smoothly than might otherwise be the case.

One important tip is to make certain that all of the packing has been done before moving day.  You also need to make sure that moving labels have been provided in order to offer easy identification of office items.  On moving day, only members of staff who are directly concerned with the relocation should be present.

One thing that is important to remember is that the moving company that you hire will not be responsible for any damages caused to items if the were not hired to do this service.  Loose items can be responsible for damage, so you should ensure that all items from desks have been separately and securely packed.  Smaller loose items such as pens and paperclips should be placed in an envelope and then packed in boxes.

All confidential files should be safely locked away, and all books removed from shelves and bookcases.  Photocopiers often need to be serviced and moved by either the item manufacturer or by a third party professional.  Ask your moving company for advice if you are unsure how to proceed with any item.

Gene Salaz