Hints for moving an office

Hints for moving an office

Moving an office can often be a very complicated business, with lots of smaller items that have to be put in the right place.  Your moving company will be highly experienced and able to sort items out at speed, but at the same time it can only deal with the scenario that it has been presented with.

One of the best pieces of advice is to have just one individual in charge of the relocation, as this will help to cut down on the confusion quite considerably.  When you book with your moving company this person can go through the details of the relocation, should be knowledgeable about the layout of your new office, and should be the only individual instructing or directing the movers.

Choosing the actual day and time are key components of planning a move.  Most companies will have rates that are a little higher in the evening or on weekends than during weekdays; however, at the same time, these moves are likely to be achieved more quickly and therefore may actually end up costing less, not to mention the reduction in disruption to your business.

It also pays to check with building supervisors with regard to security requirements and building access times.  It is vital that you have access to lift keys, as without them the lifts could be damaged and the move will take a good deal more time.

Gene Salaz