Hints and tips when storing goods

Hints and tips when storing goods

When you are putting items into storage there are some guidelines and tips that can help you to make the most out of the storage facility that you are moving your possessions into.

One good tip is to begin with items that you are certain that you will definitely not need and can thus pack at the very back of the space.  Solid, big items should also be put into the storage facility first, with small items – boxes in particular – placed on top of the bigger items.  If possible, long items should be stood up inside the facility.  The space inside wardrobes can also be used to stack bags and boxes.

One side of the storage facility’s wall space should be made use of in order to stack boxes as high as you possibly can.  If you are placing a fridge into storage, the door should be left open with a small container of bicarb of soda placed inside to absorb odors and moisture.  Items that you know you are going to want to gain access to on a regular basis should obviously be left as close to the front of the storage facility as possible.

Cloth-based items such as linen, blankets and clothing should be protected with vacuum sealed bags, which will save even more space.

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