Heritage Tea Rooms owners moving on

Heritage Tea Rooms owners moving on

The oldest building in North Queensland in Australia is up for sale.  The owners of the building have placed the building on the market as they intend to move due to their teenage son’s infatuation with snow.

Allan and Michelle Sharpe are to relocate from the Heritage Tea Rooms, located in Herveys Range, in order to be able to kick-start their 15-year-old son Mason’s fledgling skiing career by moving interstate to Victoria.

The Sharpe’s first bought the former Eureka Hotel 12 years ago, back in 2000, and transformed it five years later into an award winning attraction.  The tea rooms shot to fame after they introduced a cup known as Kopi Luwak, otherwise known to Australian drinkers as ‘cat poo coffee’, which costs $50 per cup, in November 2006.  The tea rooms ended up being formally inducted into the Hall of Fame of North Queensland Tourism three years ago, back in 2009.

Allan Sharpe says that he and his wife made the decision to sell up in order to facilitate relocation to the snowfields for the sake of their son, who has shown the potential to become a champion skier.  The business is being sold privately and is currently being run by a manager appointed by the Sharpe’s until a new owner is found.

“The business kind of absorbed us seven days a week, and [Mason] was raising himself,” Sharpe admits.  “Michelle and I said we needed to do something for him.”