Tips for Helping Senior Family Members Downsize

Tips for Helping Senior Family Members Downsize

As children grow up and move out, it seems like the house gets bigger and bigger. Without the need for space, it starts becoming more of a chore. All that extra maintenance and cleaning can get quite cumbersome, especially for senior family members. Downsizing can be a difficult process for everyone involved, but it is helpful when you have information and advice from professionals. Bekins Moving Solutions has assisted countless seniors with downsizing. We are happy to share how we have successfully moved families into cozier quarters for decades. If you require more than just advice and need assistance with moving, you can always count on our senior movers for assistance. Just give our office a call and we are happy to provide you with a free moving estimate.

Respect the Emotional Impact of Downsizing

Downsizing can sometimes be emotionally grueling, particularly for the elderly who may have just lost their spouse. It is very overwhelming when faced with the idea of having to get rid of possessions that they acquired throughout their lifetime. Making the decision to donate or throw away something that has significant sentimental value can be devastating. It is important that you respect the emotions that your family member has tied to these objects and respect if they wish to keep certain things. However, extensive clutter can be worrisome. Too many objects within a home can lead to unsanitary conditions. It is about finding a good balance, which can result in some tough conversations for their loved ones.

Don’t Do It Alone

When you are trying to get rid of objects that hold special memories, you may need to enlist family members and trusted friends to help persuade your senior family member that they need to get rid of some of their items. It can take some bargaining in order to make a move to a smaller residence. Having a strong support system behind them can be particularly helpful for those seniors who are overwhelmed by the practicalities of the issue, or some of who may not even know where to start.

Professional Help Is Available

If your family’s situation is particularly difficult, you may need professional help with downsizing. There are mental health experts who can assist your senior family members with both the practical and emotional sides of downsizing. If your loved one is moving to an assisted living facility, a therapist or psychologist can also help everyone with that difficult transition. While eliciting the help of a counselor or therapist may cost you a bit more, many people find it is well worth the investment for the comfort it brings.

If you would like assistance with your senior move from start to finish, Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to be of assistance. Call us today at (877) 594-1187 for a free moving estimate.