Helping kids to ease into the relocation process

Helping kids to ease into the relocation process

Moving can be a very stressful experience for children, but the good news is that there are methods of making the relocation process a lot easier for them.  Whether the move is out of the state or just out of town, the fact is that children may be leaving the only home they have ever known; however, a much more enjoyable moving day can be achieved by making it a positive experience and keeping the lines of communication open.

Children should be informed about the move as soon as possible, as the more time they have been given to prepare themselves, the less anxiety they will feel.  They should be allowed to take part in the process of making decisions, as the relocation will go much more smoothly if they feel included and that they can take ownership of their new environment.

Planning a new room is another good tip.  A child’s bedroom or play area is somewhere that they should always feel safe, so let them decide on the design for their new room and go shopping with them in order to allow them to play a part in picking paint colors.

Assign your children tasks on moving day that are appropriate to their age.  Older children can be responsible for last minute cleaning up, while younger children should be given simpler duties such as offering snacks and drinks to your movers.  Make sure that their prized possessions are kept organized in a special box.